Pixie is a male cat, neutered since he was a small kitten. 
He is 3 years old as of this April.
He has a healthy, lean build and is lightweight compared to most average adult male cats.
He has Siamese markings, but he's technically a Snowshoe as he has white paws.
His face is fuller and more rounded than typical Siamese cats.
He also has a very unique white tip on the end of his otherwise dark brown tail (his Harry Potter magic wand tail).
He has light blue eyes and a dark brown nose. 
He was not wearing a collar when he went missing, but he is microchipped.
We fostered and adopted him from the VBSPCA and he has been with us since he was about 1 month old.
He is outdoor curious, but is an exclusively indoor cat. 
He does have all of his claws, but he is a very gentle, nurturing, loving, not even slightly aggressive cat.
Missing from the Town Center area of Virginia Beach since May 28, . 
We miss him terribly.
*MISSING NOTICE ALSO POSTED HERE: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/59/b2ahy