Price: $350

State: Virginia
City: Virginia Beach
Zip code: 23464
Type: Animals

We have a beautiful, 17-week-old, purebred female Border Collie to place in a new home due to sudden changes in my work responsibilities.
We have had Nellie for 9 weeks. She has all shots, is totally healthy, extremely friendly to kids, adults and other animals. We want her to be with a family who has time to work with her. She is not content to just sit around all day. She needs plenty of exercise and attention each day. She has good potential to be trained to compete in contests for dogs in such things as Obedience Trials, Agility and Herding--according to friends who train Border Collies to compete. She is very smart and learns tricks quickly.
Nellie is a lot of dog and the perfect dog for a teenager or adult to train and be active with. She loves to be with people and to be challenged to do things. She is about 25 pounds now and will top out later at about 45 pounds, 20" at the shoulder in height, medium rough coat with beautiful markings. We have her registration papers with pedigree lineage and the breeder we bought her from is also inVirginia Beach. She has not been neutered. 
We will be particular about who gets her because we love Nellie and because she has so much potential as a pet, competitor or working dog on farm. In the picture below with the ball, Nellie traps any ball kicked to her and holds the ball like a soccer goalie. She "herds" the balls we throw in the yard like sheep. She is a lot of fun. 
We'd love to see a farm family get her that has kids and animals. She needs plenty of room to run. She is built to run, runs like the wind and she loves it. Here is a short video of Nellie at our home:
There is a re-homing fee. If seriously interested, please contact us